AAB College meets representatives of two partner institutions

17 May 2022

Today, AAB College representatives, met with the representatives of the UCL University College of Odense in Denmark, the coordinator for international cooperation, Prof. Heather D. Johannsen together with two other representatives / professors of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences and with Prof. Bujar Gallopenin, professor and researcher from IBC-M in Mitrovica, with whom we are in partnership through various joint projects and the ERASMUS + program.

In the meeting, after Vice Rector Venera Llunji spoke about the development of AAB College and its achievements, they discussed the need to implement an agreement through training of staff and students in the field of special education, social work education, and child care for children with special needs aged 0-6 years.

The meeting was enriched by the two vice deans of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Saranda Shatri and Prof. Diana Qarkaxhija, who spoke about the work done in their respective faculties so far, and the many opportunities for organizing joint activities and projects in the future.

In the end, it was agreed that the meeting was very fruitful and that very soon, a joint project will be organized by the three institutions in addition to waiting for a positive response to the project for which it was applied in a tripartite partnership.