AAB College opens an application point of Buqaj Sales Academy for the students

12 March 2016

Representatives of the Corporation “Buçaj” for the students of the Faculty of Economy of AAB College, have presented the program of the Academy for sales and management, Buçaj Sales Academy, which is looking for individuals to be part of probation systematic – three (3) monthly.

Candidates who qualify for application to the academy are students of final years of studies at the bachelor level, where priority will be given to the students who study in directions such as: Economy, Business or Management. Students from master and doctoral degree may also apply.

Individuals who successfully pass the probation work will be employed as managers of the best-known international brands with which Buçaj Corporation operating in Kosovo.

From 14 to March 25, 2016, the Corporation “Buçaj” will open an informing point at AAB College, to familiarize students closely to employment and completing applications for the above mentioned Academy.

The deadline for applications will be until 26th of March, 2016