18 January 2022

AAB College opens call for employment application:

Position: Software developer (programmer)

Responds to: Director of Technology

Place of work: Head office in Prishtina

Vacancies: 2 (two)

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Ensures the operation and quality of electronic services, technological equipment, software applications, the database, security and data protection;
  2. Is responsible for the development, implementation, installation and maintenance of applications according to sector requirements
  3. Is responsible for administering the email system, accounts, e-service, and ID-cards;
  4. Avoids and solves technological problems which appear in technological equipment and software applications;
  5. Is responsible for data security and protection;
  6. Proposes and initiates the development of new applications;
  7. Ensures good and fast operation of applications;
  8. Follows the latest trends and developments in the field of technology and implements them in current systems;
  9. Is responsible for the confidentiality of the data which they administer in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection;
  10. Publishes work plan on E-manager;
  11. Preserves and works towards improving the image of the institution;
  12. Compiles reports and generates statistics according to sector requirements;
  13. Performs other tasks assigned by the supervisor within their area of responsibility.

Vocational training and qualifications:

  1. University degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications or equivalent.
  2. Have at least 2 years of work experience in application development;
  3. Trainings and certificates in the relevant field;
  4. Knowledge in the field of information technology, software engineering, and computer systems
  5. C#
  6. VB.NET
  7. HTML (HTML 5)
  9. Bootstrap/CSS

Have experience in these applications:

Have experience in creating reports for:

  1. Crystal Reports

Experience and knowledge of these databases is an advantage:

Knowledge of TSQL language for analysis of existing system and its maintenance

Required skills and knowledge:

a. Excellent problem-solving skills;

b. Good knowledge of English;

c. Skills in organizing and managing time;

d. Ability to work under pressure;

e. Good teamwork and communication skills;

Required documents:

Interested candidates must submit a CV, accompanied by relevant documentation related to school preparations and required work experience. Only candidates who meet the required conditions will be invited for an interview.

The required documentation for the application is submitted via e-mail to: [email protected]

Application remains open until 01.02.2022, at 16:00.