AAB College organizes a two-month training for Software Developers

29 September 2022

We invite you to apply to the two-month training for Software Developers organized by AAB College. The training consists of the following modules:

a) Web programming through .NET Core technology (MVC-model view controller)

b) Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap 5

c) Knowledge of databases with MSSQL Server

d) Entity Framework Core and Dapper

The course will be mainly practical, where by the end of the course the application for online sales will be created. The implementation will start from the basic steps to the most advanced ones lasting 2 months.

Outstanding candidates will have employment opportunities in the Software Development Office.

The training will be free of charge for AAB College students. Registration is done by sending an email to: [email protected]

The course begins from October 11 at AAB College.

For additional information, you will be able to contact: 049187135

You are welcomed!