AAB College organizes National Architecture Conference

20 April 2023
AAB College organizes the National Architecture Conference

As every other year, the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of AAB College will organize the Festival of Arts and Architecture (PAAF 2023). This festival will manifest and promote the work of these faculties, while the National Conference of Architecture will be held within it, organized by the Association of Architects of Kosovo and the Faculty of Architecture of AAB College.

This conference will elaborate on the topic “Architect and Architecture in the context of time”, with a multidimensional thematic perspective in this discipline.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 30, 2023

Email: [email protected]

The purpose of the conference focuses on the treatment of certain topics at the national level, in different time layers. Recall and study in a contemporary dimension, opens up opportunities to redefine topics of interest, such as: