AAB College part of joint scientific conference with the university of Florence, Tirana and Elbasan

14 March 2022

“Collective memory in literature and media” is an international scientific conference which brought together the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, the School of Political Science of the University of Florence (Italy), the Department of Journalism and Communications of the University of Tirana and the host, and the Department of Literature-Journalism of the University of Elbasan.

This international scientific conference, which will be held on May 12, is expected to be attended by scholars of media, communications and literature from Albania, Kosovo and Italy.

The main purpose of this conference is to offer new perspectives on old dilemmas related to the field of collective memory, mainly in literature and media, in order to expand studies in these fields and the links between the formation of collective memory and the role of literature and mass media in changing political, social, and cultural contexts.

On the call for abstracts, the conference has set several thematic axes focused on four panels: Memory Policy, Memory Writing, Collective Media Remembrance, Remembrance of the sacred. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 31st.

This is the second joint conference of AAB College with the University of Florence and Elbasan, whereas, with the University of Tirana, so far, there have been several joint conferences in media and communications.

The full conference call can be downloaded here.