AAB College, participant of the conference “European Union Model 2017”

5 June 2017
The AAB College and the Qualitative Institute for Research, Analysis and Training, in cooperation with BETA Simulation of European Union Politics, opened today the six-day conference “Model of European Union Kosovo 2017” in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.
The conference has gathered over 100 young people from all over Europe, USA, the region and Kosovo and this year the topics to be discussed are Visa Liberalization for Kosovo and the Fight against Organized Crime.
 Participants will represent the countries of the European Union, showing their views on the aforementioned topics and will have different roles, ranging from the Council of Ministers of the European Union (EU) to Members of the European Parliament to translators, journalists, Lobbyists, and photographers.
The second day of this conference, where will be simulated the meeting of the EU Council of Ministers, will be held at AAB College, Pristina.
The AAB College throughout the conference will be represented with about 20 students.