AAB College participated in the meeting on access and equality in university studies, by charta observatory members

25 February 2021

AAB College was a participant in the virtual meeting held by the Magna Charta Observatory, which is the largest university organization in the world, and where AAB is the only member of non-public institutions from our country.

In this meeting on the topic of access and equality in high-level studies during the pandemic participated 60 member countries with over 100 academic staff members.

This webinar reflected on what universities have learned from the pandemic. Included were findings from the Sutton Trust report – on access to universities, student success, and COVID-19 in the global context. Examples were given by the US and India of actions taken by universities to increase access and equality, to inspire universities to look for ways to correct current obstacles.

The latest Magna Charta document released in 2020 states that “Universities recognize that individuals and communities, often due to inequality, have reduced access to higher education or have difficulty influencing the issues of studies at the academic level.” This document encourages universities to find ways to remedy this situation. In recent years, World Access to Higher Education Day has touched on accession and equality issues. But then came the pandemic.

The webinar concluded with proposals on how a values-based approach to education could lead to a more effective solution to current challenges.

In this meeting, AAB College was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji.