AAB College professor, Bashkim Rrahmani, participates in Build Up your Internationalization Week in Lodz

23 May 2022

Prof. Bashkim Rrahmani participated as a representative of AAB College in the week of “Build Up your Internationalization” in Lodz, Poland. There, he is exchanging teaching and research experiences, and learning about international communication and impact on communities, education programs and development projects, and culture of different generations.

The professor says that he feels good that this experience will be the fruit of many projects and ideas in the future.

“I feel privileged to have been selected by AAB College to be part of the Personnel week. I am convinced that from this week, new ideas and initiatives will flow. The University of Lodz is a responsible institution of higher education, which focuses its actions on intercultural integration and social integration,” said Rrahmani.

Other representatives who participated were from many developed European countries, such as Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Montenegro, Armenia, etc.