At the AAB College was promoted the book “Economic Transition – A journey without end”

15 April 2016

Today, at AAB College in Pristina, in the presence of students, professors and other guests were promoted the scientific book “Economic Transition – An endless journey” the authors prof. dr. Luljeta Minxhozi, prof. dr. Arben Malaj and prof. dr. Selami Xhepa. The book is published by the University Publishing House “UET Press”, already has 365 pages, arranged in three parts: the first part of “economic transition in Albania,” the author prof. dr. Luljeta Minxhozi; the second one”financial policies during the transition period 1992- 2014″, author prof. dr. Arben Malaj and the third part of “Two decades of financial market history in Albania”, author prof. dr. Selami Xhepa.

The book aims to introduce economic reform in Albania, analyzing the current situation and impact of the inevitable in the past, the advantages and disadvantages of Albania, common and varied of this model of reform to that of other countries in Eastern Europe . In this book they are also treated political and institutional factors and those associated with the mentalities who have contributed to this economic reform.

At the end of the promotion of the book was a very interesting debate between students and authors of the book, which mainly discussed the content of the book and with particular emphasis on the Albanian transition.