AAB College promoted the book “The Olympic Champion way” of Shaban Tërstena

15 April 2017

Today at AAB College in Pristina, was promoted the monographic book “The Olympic Champion Way,” with the authors Sefer Tahiri, Reshat Ibrahimi and Florim Rexhepi, dedicated to the Olympic champion from Macedonia, Skopje Shaban Tërstena. This is a monographic book that contains interesting facts about life and his 19 years career, the difficulties and successes in sports.

On this occasion, the Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, in his speech said that Shaban Tërstena is considered the icon of sport.

“Mr. Tërstena,the time when you won the gold medal in Los Angeles, I was only 14 years old. I remember the excitement I had while watching television when you won the medals. I never thought that one day ,I as a university leader together with the students will have the opportunity, to have you as a guest here. It is an honor and immense pleasure for us, “said the rector Tafa.

As host of promoting this book, the rector Tafa also informed the participants about the importance that AAB College continuouslygives to science, art, sports etc.

He askedfrom the former Olympic champion not to stop.

Professor of AAB College, Shemsedin Vehapi, in his speech congratulated the authors who have enabled new generations to have such an example where each and every one can be motivated to work.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture at AAB College, Fatmir Pireva said that Tërstena with his successess has shown the most beautiful sites of wrestling around the world, not only in Albanian.

Sefer Tahiri, one of the authors, in his speech said that the big names have always given great nations and strong economic or political states, but according to him sports history has made the difference.

Author of the book “The Way of Olympic Champion”, Florim Rexhepi, and reviewer of this book, Besnik TELAI talked about the book as well.

The main character of the book “Olympic champion way,” Shaban Tërstena, told to AAB College students that he used to train alot and his great commitment lead him toward the success he has always dream for “My success is not a secret. The only secret has been the ceaseless work and training, “said the former Olympic champion in wrestling, Shaban Tërstena.

He gave the students some valuable advice on how to achieve peak success, showing them many of the challenges faced during his career.

At the end of this promotion, the students had the opportunity to make question to the former Olympic champion in wrestling, Shaban Tërstena.