At AAB College was promoted the book “Public Relations” by the author, Alban Tartari

8 May 2017

At AAB College, in the presence of the students and the academic staff of the Faculty of Mass Communication, was promoted the book “Public Relations” by author  Alban Tartari.

This promotion was also attended by the Kosovo Telecom Director, Agron Mustafa, who was also modeled in this book for his successes and changing the image of the operator Vala.

The author of the book, Alban Tartari, said that Public Relations are an inseparable part of democracy and democratic societies.

He said that in this area, Kosovo is far ahead of Albania, with the justification of the regime’s period when Albania was closed, while Kosovo was more open.

The book “Public Relations” of the author Tartari has 15 chapters and a total of 365 pages.