28 January 2021

Two important scientific publications were promoted at AAB College today, which contain the studies of dozens of professors from prestigious universities around the world. We are speaking of the international scientific journal “Thesis” and the book of the global scientific conference, which was held months ago by AAB College.

During this event, the Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, stated that this is another success of AAB College that proves the commitment of the institution in scientific research at the global level. “We can freely say that we have already become a pivot for the mobilization of researchers not only from the region and Europe, but also from the world. AAB College has organized these important events for some time now, where professors from many prestigious universities in the world, such as Paris, Bologna, Milan. Singapore, Adelaide, Bucharest, present and publish their studies. This is a testament to the seriousness and quality of our work.” He added that AAB College offers free reading of these studies as a contribution to society and the scientific community, which can be downloaded from the institution’s links.

In the new issue 9/2 of the international scientific journal “Thesis”, according to the vice-rector for scientific research, Hasan Saliu, 16 scientific articles have been published by researchers and professors from the University of Leicester, University of Osaka, Polytechnic University of Milan, UNIJU of Sao Paolo, University de Puebla Brazil, from Mexico, University of Technology in Maryland, University of Bucharest, AAB College as well as from several other universities in the region.

“Thesis” is an international scientific journal of AAB College indexed on international platforms such as DOAJ, Worldcat, Base Bielefield, Erich Plus, Hrcak, Core, MIAR, CEEOL and over 30 libraries of Western European universities.

AAB executives also promoted the Book of Proceedings, which published some of the studies presented at the global scientific conference organized by this institution, on “Transformations and consequences in society from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.”