AAB College rises further on the ranks of Webometrics and continues to be the best Albanian non-public institution of higher education in the region

28 July 2021

447 positions higher than in the January 2021 edition of the prestigious ranking list of Webometrics, AAB College has again emerged as the best Albanian non-public institution in the region.

In the published results of Webometrics for the second edition of 2021, among over 30 thousand universities evaluated globally, the University of Prishtina and AAB College are ranked highest in our country. 

The two leaders of the list of university institutions of Kosovo have had a remarkable increase in their position in the rank list, where the University of Prishtina rose by 247 positions, and AAB College rose 447 positions. 

Based on these results, the highest ranked Albanian public universities are: University of Prishtina, University of Tirana, Agricultural University of Tirana, University of Tetova.

Webometrics, a ranking list conducted by the Cybermetrics Lab, which is part of the largest public research institution in Spain, the High Council for Scientific Research, recently released the list of 5 thousand best universities according to citations of scientific papers in Google Scholar, in which the only Institutions from our country that were included were the University of Prishtina and AAB College. 

The ranking of Webometrics is based on the recognition of the published scientific works, as well as the content and dissemination of information from electronic sources by the relevant institutions.

The top rankings of World Universities are claimed by American universities, led by Harvard University, whereas the highest ranked university in Europe is that of Oxford.