AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with Kallxo.com

10 February 2016

The aim of this cooperation agreement is to create the best possible conditions for students of bachelor and master of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, to learn the practical work of the teams of journalists, editors and technical side from Kallxo.com staff. Students will have the opportunity to follow the work of these teams collecting information, processing, and publishing genres such as news, research, analysis, assisting in the production of television programs and other media products.

The practice realized  in Kallxo.com will be recognized as a ETCS , in semester courses in Journalism and Production branches of the faculty .During signing the  agreement it has been said that the practice will last 12 weeks during the term-time .The agreement was signed by Rector of AAB, prof. dr. Lulzim Tafa and Kallxo.com Executive Director, Faik Ispahiu.