The AAB College signs a cooperation agreement with the International College for Business in Mitrovica

27 August 2015

In order to develop the inter-institutional cooperation, the Vice-Rector for International Relations at AABCollege, ProfessorXhavitRexhaj, and the coordinator of the International College for Business in Mitrovica, Ms. Alfia Urazaeva, signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement.

The agreement foresees inter-institutional cooperation in all study levels,as well as exchange of academic staff and students, joint development and research projects, seminars and other meetings for academic and scientific matters, useof respective libraries for study, scientific and research purposes, as well as other academic meetings on important issues for both institutions and both countries.

Ms. AlfiaUrazaeva expressed her satisfaction with the signing of the agreement, taking into account the achievements of the AAB College, particularlyin the areas of research, technology and modern infrastructure, academic staff and the achievements of graduatestudents.

The agreement was signed on the premises of AAB College and its implementation will commence from this academic year.