AAB college staff will have a study visit to Lithuania,Erasmus + Mobility

21 February 2017

Brikena Berisha and Liridon Bajrami, of the regular staff from AAB College, under Erasmus + Mobility, have received full scholarships for study visit for the summer semester 2016/17, the University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.

“Following the evaluation provided by the Commission, and the approval of our selection of officials in Lithuania, we inform you that beneficiaries bursaves for academic and administrative staff for the year 2016/17 are Brikena Berisha and Liridon Bajrami”, we have been informed by evaluation commission.

This is the second year  that AAB is a beneficiary of the full scholarship, under a joint agreement between the institutions on the project Erasmus + Interenational Credit Mobility, project funded through the Erasmus program for educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

Meanwhile, Erasmus + Mobility, in 2016/17 for the summer semester has started with six students of AAB University Lodz, in Poland.