AAB College Student Arjan Beka is employed at “Zonda Creative Studio” Company

14 March 2024
AAB College student Arjan Beka is employed at the company "Zonda Creative Studio"

The student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences at AAB College Arjan Beka has been hired as “Senior Unity Game Developer” in the company “Zonda Creative Studio” after a long contribution and professional preparation that he has shown.

Arjan was part of many projects recognized by the leaders of the game industry giving the best such as: Ketchapp (Ubisoft), Voodoo, Tap Nation, Supersonic, Crazy Labs and Homa Games.

Arjan’s preparation and commitment also show the dedication of the staff of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, as well as AAB College in general, to provide the right content with the highest quality standards in teaching.

AAB College prides itself on the successive achievements of its students which coincide with contemporary developments and their skills to keep pace with the demands of the labor market.