AAB College Student Drenusha Gashi, employed as educator in kindergarten “Dua”

18 April 2019

Fourth year student of the Faculty of Social Sciences at AAB College, Drenusha Gashi has managed to leverage one of the many cooperation agreements that AAB college has with other local and international institutions.

After the success shown during her internship at kindergarten “Dua”, she now has found full-time employment as an educator in this institution.

Drenusha explains that studies and experiences at AAB College have helped her become part of the job market. “AAB College studies have been extremely valuable to me since they have paved my way to a professional career, even though I have not completed my studies yet. AAB College offers quality education for all those who want to succeed in life” she says.

Drenusha thanks the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hysen Kasumi and Professor Alberita Bytyqi for the continued dedication they showed not only to her, but to all the students of social sciences.