AAB College students completed the project for measuring air quality in Kosovo

12 January 2017

A group of students of the Faculty of Computer Science College AAB, implemented the project “meter air quality – sensor: Sensor: PPD24”, which aims at calculating and measuring the level of air pollution in different locations in Kosovo to improve the current situation through concrete proposals which can reduce pollution.

“Considering that in Kosovo at the moment we are unable to calculate air quality, students of the Faculty of Computer Science, have found it reasonable and considered to create equipment and opportunities for measuring air quality,” said teacher Altin Shala.

While students Shpat Berzati and Iris Efendi, added that during realization of the project will be able to collect measurements that can be processed and can be used by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in collaboration with municipalities, to improve air quality.

Equipment for this project are using the latest technology and standards based on chemical sensors.

The project is realized by the students: Shpat Berzati, Iris Efendi and Jeton Dermaku while wa supervised by teachers Altin Shala and Arianit Maraj.