AAB College students of the Faculty of Law were certified for the course “Indeksi i Sigurisë” (Security Index)

3 April 2019

Fourth year students of the Criminalistics course, Faculty of Law, after a theoretical and practical exercise on the subject of “Criminalistic Tactics” and under the direction of the professor of the subject Dr. Mensut Ademi, successfully completed the course “Security Index”, which was organized by the Faculty of Law in the premises of AAB College.

During this course, students learned how to recognize general criminological phenomena and the identification of some forms of its occurrence in specificity, to analyze situations where security can be compromised, to understand the causes of crime and its development in the country, to implement the attained knowledge in practice by giving professional assessments of the motives of perpetrators and providing relevant evidence to clarify cases using the science of criminological tactics.

Upon successful completion of this course, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Veton Vula, distributed certificates to all the students who attended.