6 November 2018

In the framework of the anti-human-trafficking month, the Kosovo Police, together with the security action teams, ICITAP and OSCE organized an awareness roundtable under the motto “I am not for sale”, in which the students of the Faculty of Law of AAB College were also present.

This roundtable aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking among citizens and especially among young people.

The head of the central sector for the investigation of trafficking of human beings, Riza Murati, told the students that human trafficking is a crime and the most serious form of violation of human rights, but this phenomenon can be prevented if each of us shows more care and reports to the competent authorities in cases of doubt.

“Trafficking human beings can start with deception for a better life, which ends with a lack of freedom and a violation of fundamental human rights. We are working to eliminate all cases of trafficking, but we also need your reporting if you see any such case, or even hear it somewhere,” said Murati.

Meanwhile, for the student of the Faculty of Law Ajnur Oraça, participation in this discussion was quite appropriate, according to him, the involvement of students in such activities helps them as young lawyers to be more informed about these phenomena, and also to be prepared to bear the main responsibilities of the proper functioning of the institutions in the future.

The awareness campaign against trafficking human beings in Kosovo started on October 18 and will continue in the coming days. All activities are done to raise public awareness in preventing cases where it is suspected that someone is being used for trafficking.