AAB College Students Participated in the “Brit Talk” Debate organized by the Embassy of Great Britain in Pristina

5 May 2017
Students of the Faculty of English of AAB College; Edita Thaqi, Valbona Hoxha, Floriana Vidishiqi, Ermelina Avdimetaj, Egzontina Ademaj, Doruntina Alshiqi, Donika Blaku and Enis Azemi took part in the debate “Brit Talk” organized by the Embassy of Great Britain in Pristina.
 Part of the debate was also the ambassador Mr. Ruair O’Connell, and other eminent  personalities of the political and intellectual scene that were representatives of Great Britain, such as Robert Wilton, Adrian Davies, and Jehona Gjurgjeala, where they talked about the role of volunteering and the benefits they might have from it  based on their personal experience.
Edita said that this debate was very useful, the debate gave us,as a new generation a clear view of the future, how to become aware of the importance of participating in such voluntary activities.