AAB College students visit Municipality of Deçan

12 April 2019

AAB College Masters students of the Faculty of Architecture visited the Municipality of Deçan as part of their studies. On this occasion, within the subject of the Planning Studio – Regional Context, the students visited the city of Deçan. Students visited the urban parts and some rural parts of this municipality. The main points of this visit, however, were the sites with cultural and natural heritage.

The students had the opportunity to visit the Monastery of Deçan, a monument of cultural heritage built in the 13th century. They said that this visit helped them become more involved with the work of an architect and further analyze the profession they have decided to exercise in the future.  

The students also saw and got more information on the work done so far on the Municipality of Deçan by the former municipal councilor, Blerim Bajraktaraj, who personally welcomed the students on their visit.