AAB College students win gold medals in New York

30 April 2016

Those AAB students are successful in sports; it is shown by the number of medals that were earned after the first year in the international arena.

AAB receives three more new medals, when two are gold and one silver which were won by students Seida Suma, Hantia Ibroci and Antigona Rama on the Tournament of XXI International Karate Hiraldo ‘s Kai Shobukan in Queens, New York.

AAB students, members of the Karate Club “Ulcinj”, triumphed in disciplines kata and individual wars.

Seida Suma, a student of the Faculty of Economy at AAB, leader of the Student Union of AAB, took first place in individual Kata and won the gold medal; Hantia Ibroci student of law took first place in individual wars, and also grabbed the gold medal, while Antigona Rama, a student of Physical Education, was awarded with second place in the individual wars, and grabbed a silver medal.