16 March 2020

Despite the suspension of the teaching process, as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 pandemic, AAB College has begun applying the distance learning method for all students.

Just as with many original platforms created so far for electronic student services, AAB College has also created an additional learning opportunity for students, the Virtual Class platform, through which lectures are being held in real time according to the lecture schedule for all study programs.

The Virtual Classroom platform, which is designed specifically for distance learning, provides opportunities for students and teachers to communicate in real time and to interact with the topics being discussed. The platform has seen wide use by students since the moment of its launch.

This new method of student teaching creates learning opportunities for students from their homes so that they don’t have to be disconnected from the learning process and can continue being engaged in their studies.

On the other hand, AAB College is also using online communication for staff meetings, leaving no room for the current situation to cause delays in the functioning of the institution. AAB College has expressed its readiness to help other educational, pre-university and university institutions to carry out distance learning in this extraordinary situation with their expertise.