AAB College, target of high-school seniors from the first day of the Education Fair 2019

17 April 2019

At the 2019 Educational Fair that’s being held in the Youth Palace where dozens of educational institutions are presenting their academic offerings, not only from Kosovo, but also from the region and international universities, the stand that is most visited is the one of AAB College.

Since the early hours of the fair, hundreds of high school students swarmed the stand of AAB College where, besides the presentation of study programs, there are also many possibilities for scholarships, offers and opportunities for early registration.

The first day of the fair, has resulted in hundreds of applications from high school seniors who without hesitation say that AAB is unlike others.

All high school seniors will be able to complete their applications for an early registration in AAB College for the entire day while the Education Fair is open.

Furthermore, all interested parties can learn more about what the German Professional School, the AAB Institute for Certified Accountants and Auditors, or for the youngest among us – the British School of Kosova have to offer during this Education Fair 2019.