AAB College, the only non-public institution participating in the 20th Anniversary of the Bologna Process

25 June 2019

AAB College is the only non-public institution in Kosovo that is participating in the 20th anniversary of the Bologna Process, held on 24th and 25th of June 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

This anniversary is being marked with the thematic conference “Bologna Process Beyond 2020: The Fundamental Values ​​of the EHEA”. AAB College is represented by the Pro-Rector of Cooperation and foreign relations, Prof. As. Dr. Venera Llunji.

The two-day conference has gathered around 200 rectors and vice-rectors as well as scholars from European countries, with the aim of exchanging ideas regarding higher education under the Bologna process. Another purpose of this great meeting is establishing cooperation agreements between universities and other higher education institutions to help deepen knowledge, exchange students, and focus on science and global development for the benefit of mankind.

The second day of the conference will have five parallel sessions in which the speakers of education and science, professors and student representatives will talk about the developments, the shortcomings, the problems and the challenges of securing quality which guarantees equality, democracy, culture, science, values, knowledge, academic freedom in the arena of higher education. 

What kind of society we want to have in terms of what the higher education is offering now and what will be offered in the future will be discussed in the Bologna process. What characterizes Bologna is not only the Magna Charta Universitatum signed by 29 European ministers in 1999 to form a common system, it is also the only university city where the word “universita” meaning “comprehensiveness” was used. This indicates that the main goal of the Bologna Process is to have space for everyone so that higher education is possible for everyone.

The success of the Bologna process relies on the voluntary work of all representatives of higher education who must do their utmost so that the goals of this process can remain in a constant state of improvement for the betterment of society.

The education system, critical thinking, the right leadership are considered to have the greatest importance in providing a warm human environment. Education is the main factor which has the biggest impact on the creation of societies in the world. Therefore, we should strategically think how to create more space and opportunities for generations to come. AAB College is a regular member of the Magna Charta Universitatum since 2010.