AAB College The Only Participant From All Albanian Universities At The International Summer School In Graz, Austria

9 July 2021

Two students of the Faculty of English Language at AAB College, Fatjona Kuçi and Edita Maraj, are the only participants from all Albanian universities who are attending the International Summer School GUSEGG 2021, organized by the University of Graz in Austria.

This summer school, which was founded in 2014, has been attended by thousands of students from universities around the world, while this year due to the pandemic situation, the school is organized in a hybrid format.

This year ‘s program of the GUSEGG 2021 Summer School, which is held at Seggau Castle in Graz, will last until July 10. The program includes lectures, individual seminars, discussions and networking opportunities with international lecturers and students, development of public speaking, academic and creative writing skills. Students will also have the opportunity to publish their work in Off Campus journal: Seggau School of Thought.

Fatjona and Edita, who are participating in this academic activity, are distinguished students at the Faculty of English Language, and attend studies in the Gjakova campus at AAB.