AAB College today officially launched the new academic year 2015/16

1 October 2015

With a solemn ceremony held at theUniversity premises of the three branches in Prishtina, Gjakova, Ferizaj, AAB today launched the new academic year 2015/16.

The welcoming ceremony of the fourteenth generation, of the AAB students,in Prishtina, was attended by the Rector of AAB, Prof. Dr.Lulzim Tafa, Vice Deans and Deans of academic units, Professors, fellow students and their families.

An opening speech by the Rector of AAB Prof.Tafa was addressedto all the students and other attendeesof this event, by welcoming them into the academic and university world.”Today AAB College owns an area of about 40 thousand meters square, as from this academic year, the lectures will begin on 12th October also in the new building on the campus of Prishtina, a building with an areaof 16 thousand meters square, being one of the largest university educational facilities not only in the country but also abroad”, said among other things Rector Tafa. Speeches at solemn ceremonies, related to the research and studies and the results obtained in AAB were also held by the rectors Bujar Tafa on the campus of Ferizaj, and Zija Rexhepi on the campus of Gjakova, as well as the Deans an Vice Deans of all faculties of AAB .

“Young students welcome to AAB College”, was the welcoming greeting of NAO robots, which were presented to the students of Computer Science.

With the start of the new academic year 2015/2016, the young students were also provided with numbers of public operator Vala, enabling them to communicate with thousands of other studentsduring the next three years, who are already part of the package N’Trip.

However, besides starting new academic year 2015/16, on 12th October, with a solemn ceremony AAB will make inaugurations of the  new university facility which presents an architectural rarity not only in Kosovo but also abroad.