AAB College’s Faculty of Psychology and Education Comes First sign cooperation agreement

22 January 2019

In order to prepare students for the labor market in the area of psychology, AAB College’s Faculty of Psychology has signed a cooperation agreement with the Education Comes First organization.

The program of Education Comes First consists of numerous creative activities, awareness raising campaigns and the development of educational platforms. This organization has also developed a digital voice library platform, enabling blind people to listen to books recorded by the volunteers of the organization.

Following this internship agreement, AAB’s Faculty of Psychology students will be a part of this program as well. The purpose of this cooperation agreement is to promote the professional training of students of Psychology, in the fields related to the services provided by this organization and the engagement of students in practical work in this center.

This cooperation agreement was signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, prof. Mimoza Kamberi and coordinator of Education Comes First, Saranda Rexha.