AAB College’s Faculty of Social Sciences branch in Gjakova signs cooperation agreement with preschool Institute Andrra

8 October 2021

Preschool Institution Andrra in Gjakova will be partnered with the Faculty of Social Sciences of AAB College through its branch in Gjakova, on the Child Care and Welfare study program through the latest cooperation agreement signing.

This cooperation agreement was signed by the director of the branch of AAB College in Gjakova, Mr. Rifat Haxhija, and the director of the preschool Institute Andrra, Mrs. Shpresa Frrokaj.

The agreement, which was reached in coordination with the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences, aims to prepare students for the workforce through internships.

It is worth mentioning that three students from AAB College’s Faculty of Social Sciences have already found full-time employment in the Andrra institute in Gjakova while also accepting internships by dozens of AAB College students.