AAB College’s Professor’s article published in renowned scientific journal

27 March 2023
The article of the professor of AAB College is published in the well-known scientific journal

The well-known scientific journal “Journal of Learning for Development”, which is indexed on the SCOPUS platform, has published the article by AAB College professor, Arif Shala.

The topic addressed by Shala in this article is: “The use of ICT and the Internet by Kosovar students: The impact on the results of the PISA test”.

The article focuses on analyzing the relationship between the use of ICT by Kosovar students and their achievement in the PISA test. The results show that students in Kosovo use technology mainly for conversations among themselves, and significantly less to learn something new or do homework. Gender differences are evident, with girls reporting spending less time online than boys. Finally, the article presents the data that Kosovar students use the computer and the Internet mainly for entertainment and not for learning, which suggests that the achievements of Kosovar students in mathematics, reading and science cannot be attributed to the use of ICT.

The article can be downloaded via link: