AAB College’s third edition of the student festival PAAF, held on May 24th and 25th

23 May 2022

Conceived to promote the work of the students of the Faculty of Arts, the only student festival in Kosovo, Prishtina Arts & Architecture Festival, starts its third edition on Tuesday.

This edition, that will last from 24th until 25th May 2022, will bring innovation in the modern spaces of AAB College. The one-year creativity of students of all programs will be presented in this event: painting, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, interior, choreography, music.

On the first day of the festival, PAAF2022 will bring an artistic program of students of the Faculty of Musicology and Choreography, who will perform various individual and group works in singing, playing instruments, dancing. Additionally, we will also have the chance to listen to the AAB College Student Choir through a selection of musical points. Based on the long-term contribution given in the field of education, science, and quality improvement in these sectors of Kosovo as well as the continuous contribution to the advancement of students, the Faculty of Arts of AAB College will award the “Honorary Professor” award to academician Shyqeri Nimani.

That is not all, however, the first day of PAAF 2022, will also be the opening day of the Collective Student Exhibition, where dozens of student works will be presented where special attention has been paid to the Mode Design program where students will bring their clothing design creations, which were made under the care of teacher Krenare Rugova.

The third day of the festival will focus on the field of architecture and interior design, within which workshops will be held where students will have the opportunity to attend.

The other special feature of the third edition of PAAF 2022 will be the Art Colony, where students of the visual arts program from AAB College, and the University of Prishtina, for two days in a row will work in Shengjin to share their experiences and create works that will forever decorate the AAB College Galleries.

PAAF 2022 will be special. All interested parties are invited to come and visit the artistic works of students.