At the AAB Collehe was promoted the book “Kapërcimi i vetmisë’’ of the author Muhamet Mustafa

1 June 2017

At AAB College, in front of students and the academic staff, the book “Kapërcimi i vetmisë” was promoted by prof. dr. Muhamet Mustafa.

This book tells about author’s life, tells about the efforts and sacrifice of his generation to advance the political and legal status of Kosovo and the position of Albanians in the former Yugoslavia during the second half of the last century and the beginning of this century.

On this occasion, the rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that the book ” Kapërcimi i vetmisë” belongs to the category of books where the authors make themselves a book.

Whereas, Faton Avdullahu, a scholar of Albanian political thought, suggested that students of AAB College should read this book, because there are many things to be learned there.

While, the author of the book “Kapërcimi i vetmisë”, prof. dr. Muhamet Mustafa, in his speech said that the purpose of the book is to let historians follow the traces and tell the truth about Kosovo.