AAB organized a debate on “inter-religious and inter-ethnic tolerance in Kosovo

22 March 2017

AAB College in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) organized a debate on “inter-religious and inter-ethnic building dialogue and tolerance involving  young people.”

Meanwhile, the representative of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, Vedat Sahiti said that BIK considers indispensable and necessary the commitment of continueing the dialogue between communities with purpose of knowledge and enhancing mutual understanding, because according to him, all disputes come as a result of ignorance of each other’s ignorance,and of not respectingeach other’s values. He emphasised  that they have a very good cooperation with all religious institutions in the country.

Meanwhile, representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Srdjan Stankovic, during his speech said that he appreciates the initiative of all religious institutions of the country to build a common and normal life among all Kosovo citizens.

At this conference, the representative of the Catholic Church in Kosovo, Don Kastriot Idrizi, said that this institution has a good cooperation with other religious institutions in the country.

The representative of the Protestant Church in Kosovo, Femi Cakolli, had also very positive view on coorporation between religious insitutions in the country who assured the students of AAB that cooperation between religious communities is one of the most successful stories of Kosovo society.

Part of the this debate was also the representative of  Jewish Community of Kosova, Berkant Zhillta, who  thanked OSCE for this initiative and said that the Jewish community will contribute to maintain religious harmony of all people living in Kosovo .

At the end of this roundtable students of AAB College had the opportunity to make questions and get back the answers from the representatives of religious institutions of the country.