AAB organized the roundtable on the topic “Current economic trends in Kosovo”

31 October 2016

Within the manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015”, Faculty of Economics of the University AAB, held the roundtable with the topic “current economic trends in Kosovo”, where participants were representatives of central and local institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, representatives of business organizations and successful companies, professors and students of AAB and other guests who followed with interest the debate.

In relation to the debate “Current economic trends in Kosovo” discussed the Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Agim Krasniqi, Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina, Besim Beqaj, member of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Development, Robert Wright- Director of the Board of Association of the Banks of Kosovo, Jashar Goga, head of the Department of Customs and Excise Procedures of Kosovo; Agim Shahini, Director of the Kosovo Agency for Businesses and Lulzim Aliu, Director of the “MagicIce” company. Participants in this debate were numerous students of the Faculty of Economics who discussed and provided various opinions for the subject of the debate.