AAB participated in the Summer School “Management Crisis” at the University of Sarajevo

28 July 2016

AAB College in cooperation with the Faculty of Studies of Criminology, Criminology and Security at the University of Sarajevo; University of Applied Sciences of  VelikaGorica, Croatia; Centre for Social Research Burch University, School of Business Centre for Business Studies CEPS, Kiseljak; High School “Logos’, Mostar; Faculty of Security Studies from the University of Belgrade and the Croatian Association for Management crisis, organized the International Summer School “management crisis”.

Summer School “Management Crisis” was held in Sarajevo from 15th until 21st of July, 2016, and 84 students attended it.Among them was the Law Faculty of AAB Collegeand these were the names of the the studentswho attended summer school: Alan Tanaris, Itana CEMA, AlmedinaSalihi, followed by GanimeteIsmaili the teacher.

Lectures in summer school were held by 18 professors and experts of the region and the European Union, focusing on six modules: Basics security situation ManagementCrisis  in crisis situations, crisis in communication , Mountaineering, GIS and first aid and command organization in order to prepare participants for emergency management, planning, management and practical action during emergency situations and elimination of their consequences for the concepts of risk, etc.

In addition to lectures, participants also made several visits to state institutions that are responsible for managing crises such as the Ministry of Security BiH Operational Center for Communication – 122, State Agency about Investigation and Protection (SIPA), the Unit for special support, while they raise camp and simulation of crisis on the ground on mount Bjelasnica.

GanimeteIsmaili,a teacher, said that students of AAB College, have learned how to plan and implement operational measures to prevent and mitigate the consequences of the crisis, providing technical assistance and coordination of professional teams and technical equipment and technological after a crisis or catastrophe. While ItanaĆemankaa student said that, besides others, has gained new knowledge, while exchanging experiences.

At the conclusion of organizing summer school a solemn ceremony was held by the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton BiH, ElvirKazazović, which made sharing certificates. All participants were provided with two certificates, one from the University of Sarajevo and the University of Applied Sciences VelikaGorica, Croatia, which carry 4 ECTS.