AAB Professor Albulena Kastrati, recipient of Fulbright Scholarship

14 September 2019

In addition to the exceptional results of studying, one of the main reasons for the quality and growth of AAB College is undoubtedly the wonderful academic staff. The number of AAB teachers who have managed to become part of the Fulbright program has recently been increased with the addition of Albulena Kastrati. 

As part of the Fulbright Scholarship, during the 2019/20 academic year, Kastrati will become part of Duke University, USA. Under the mentorship of Prof. Connell Fullenkamp, director of economics programs at Duke University, educated at Harvard University.

Albulena Kastrati will define and measure the concept and behavior of excessive liquidity in emerging and transitioning economies in Europe as part of her project: “The Determinants of Excess Liquidity in the European Emerging and Transition Economies System.”

Albulena Kastrati is a regular lecturer at AAB College. She has completed her master’s and doctoral studies at Staffordshire University in England, and besides her academic activity, she is professionally engaged in the Central Bank of Kosovo.