AAB publishes the latest scientific dictionary “LATIN-ENGLISH GLOSSARY” by Asllan Bilalli

14 October 2015

AAB Publishing House published the newest scientific dictionary “LATIN-ENGLISH GLOSSARY”by author prof. dr. Asllan Bilalli, reviewed by Prof. dr. Hajredin Kuqi and Prof. dr. Qerim Qerimi.

In the preface, the author says that this dictionary is needed in many aspects by all lawyers, ranging from students, applicants of the right in practice, as well as law professors. Roman jurists over 20 centuries have managed to formulate the legal rules, definitions, and institutes comprehensively, clearly and conciselyin Latin language, thus, the contemporary jurists of all different language regions could not yet come closer nor overcome them. Therefore,even under contemporary conditions, if the lawyers want to articulate concrete rules or definitions in clear and understandable manner, they are obliged to use the achievements of jurists who have written in Latin.

At the end of the preface, the author points out that the glossary will be useful to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge over the legal opinion, notions and legal institutes in Latin.

This Glossary can be found in the AAB library, which will be available to students and staff of this institution, for a deeper accessin the world of professional science research. Prof. dr. Bilal Aslan, is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the AABCollege.