AAB signs cooperation agreement with Capitol Technology University of USA

29 January 2020

A cooperation agreement was signed between AAB College and Capitol Technology University, Maryland, USA. The agreement signed by the rectors of the two respective institutions, Dr. sc. Bujar Demjaha and Prof. Dr. Bardford Sims, aim to leverage the expertise and resources of both institutions to enhance the quality of academic programs and create a path for collaboration and information exchange between faculty and graduate students at Capitol Technology and AAB College.

In addition to the student exchange program, infrastructure capacity development, and the development of a “Cyber Center”, CTU will also accept AAB College graduates of master’s and doctoral programs under the rules and obligations set by this university.

The agreement was initiated by Dr. William Butler, a cyber security specialist at Capitol Technology, and Prof. ass. Dr. Arianit Maraj, a professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College. The signing ceremony was also attended by the Vice-Rectors, Prof. Ass. Dr. Shemsedin Vehapi and Prof. Ass. Dr. Venera Llunji, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Ass. Dr. Jusuf Qarkajia.

Capitol Technology University was founded in 1927 as the Institute of Radio-Television Engineering and today is a renowned US university specializing in engineering science and cyber security.