AAB staff members participated in the International Scientific Conference “Resistance and Identity” in Germany

7 July 2015

During the month of June, in Germany Tuzing, the International Scientific Conference “Resistance and Identity”, was held and organized by the Academy of Education, Education and Policy, University of Munich Ludwig Maximilian, University of Bremen, and the Scientific Institute for Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in Germany, and supported by the German Ministry of Education.

The professor of AAB, Prof. dr. Dashnim Ismaili attended this conference , who except introducing the scientific topic “State building and democratization of Kosovo 2000 – 2012”, has also made a presentation about the education sector in Kosovo, presenting with particular emphasis the AAB from the beginning of its work until the present day. He said that AAB is a contemporary university institution, an example of quality and service provision, and as a serious competitor in the field of education and science including countries of region as well.