AAB has started with its series of motivational lectures AABtalks with Behgjet Pacolli

27 December 2016

AAB Theatre “Faruk Begolli”, today launched the first series of motivational lectures, AABtalks, where the first guest was the Albanian businessman, Behgjet Pacolli, who delivered a lecture to the students of AAB College on the topic “How to be successful”.

Pacolli said to the students of AAB College that everyone is born to be a successful, but the use of the potential  makes it out to be successful or not.

“For example in a lecture class of a lecturer some students have come to realize,but some not. What happened here? Here we do not have to deal with lack of the ability of students to understand, but we are not using their potential, “said Pacolli.

He said anyone who wants to be successful in life, must have ideas, which need to be transformed in practice.

“Turning an idea into a project is a prerequisite: You’re supposed to love that idea, if you do not like it, you can not beat it in the project. Therefore, only  love for work, love to act, love to create, etc., can push one towards success. I mentioned these accounts for over 60% of the possibilities of how to besuccessful.The other part remains 40% to which you have to dedicate your time, material investments, etc., said Pacolli during his lecture.

Pacolli infront of students of AAB College confessed many interesting moments he has had over his life since elementary school, high school, then his emigration until today how he managed to be the most successful man in the business.

Regarding the level of knowledge people do have, Pacolli told to AAB College students that is not accidental that if a man is rich.

“The rich person can not be ignorant,because only a wise man can be rich otherwise one could not be enriched,” he said.

Below you can see the full lecture of Pacolli AABtalks: