AAB student Çlirim Emini, winner of the competition “Day when hacking is legal”, 5th edition

14 September 2019

With the participation of about 30 contestants, the fifth edition of the workshop “The Day when Hacking is Legal” was organized by Findbug in partnership with AAB College.

According to the contest’s instructions and rules, the young “hackers” who were students of various institutions from Kosova and Albania, tried to find security holes and vulnerabilities in various programs while reporting them in real time.

The transparent platform created by the Findbug company was intended to bring all talented young people who are skilled in the field of hacking back to the right path through its use, and the price for which the participants competed was named “Ethical Hacker of the Year”.

In this edition, the professional jury gave out only two awards.

According to the evaluation of the professional jury, the first place went to Lirim Emini, a student of the Cyber Security program at AAB College, while the second place went to Gentrit Xhema, a student at FIEK in UP. The winner of the competition, Çlirim Emini under the emotions of victory expressed his happiness with the success achieved, while emphasizing that AAB College is truly an institution that makes a difference.