AAB Student Krenare Çerkini visits Czech Republic and Slovakia as chairperson of USK

31 January 2019

The Student Union of Kosovo has reached a cooperation agreement with the Student Union of Slovakia. The agreement was reached during the visit of the USK Presidency, led by AAB College student, Krenare Çerkini.

Çerkini, who leads the USK, spoke at length of her visit to Slovakia where she had meetings with representatives of two Slovak student unions, and also met with the vice-rector of the oldest and largest university of Slovakia “Comenius University” prof. Zuzana Kovacicova.

Krenare Çerkini, Student Union of Kosovo Chairperson, said that despite diplomatic barriers with some countries that have not recognized Kosovo, students will continue to carry out joint projects. She recalled that so far, the USK has managed to reach international cooperation with Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and soon is expected to formalize their cooperation with German student unions.

In recent days, USK Chairperson Krenare Çerkini also visited France, where she took part in important meetings.