AAB student, Rron Kastrati, after completion of studies at AAB College, finds employment in the Swiss organization “Terre des Hommes”

10 May 2019

Rron Kastrati is a master’s student in Psychology at AAB College. He is already at the final stage of his studies, and as an exemplary student, Rron has been employed in the Swiss organization “Terre des Hommes” as a psychologist for child services.

He says that the experiences and studies at AAB College’s Faculty of Psychology have helped him vastly improve his skills.

“There are many opportunities for improvement to be found at AAB College, especially in the development of interactive debates, group discussions, collegial collaboration, and motivational encouragement in the realization of scientific research in the future,” said Rroni.

He further emphasizes that professional practices, numerous conferences organized, adequate teachers, make AAB College irreplaceable. “AAB College students are provided with scientific and practical knowledge, encouraged and motivated towards building a professional career from adequate and professional teachers, capable and willing to expand scientific research”

AAB College as the largest non-public institution in the region, makes for the highest percentage of students who, after finishing their bachelor studies, have found employment.