AAB student, Shpëtim Gecaj won the second prize in the competition “Hackathon Challenge”

15 February 2017

Shpëtim Gecaj, freshman at the Faculty of Computer Science, at AAB College, has won the second prize “The DAY When hacking is legal III” race “Hackathon Challenge”, organized by the community, “Cyber Security and Privacy” that It was held this month in Pristina.

In this competition, each contestant either individually or as a group had eight hours to find the security gaps in web pages set in advance, and on that day they were allowed to become ‘hack’.

“Prices are separated from those who have been invited by the organizers of the race in question, where I and the group managed to take second place. This is a great achievement for me and the university where do I study, “said Shpëtim Gecaj.