AAB student, Sylejman Sylejmani, after studying journalism finds employment in Infokus newspaper

30 January 2019

A new name has also been added to the Network of Kosovo Journalists. The name in question is that of the AAB College student, Sylejman Sylejmani, who immediately after finishing his Journalism studies, was hired as a regular employee in the Infokus newspaper.

After three years of studies in the Faculty of Journalism at AAB College, Sylejmani aims to be a fair and impartial journalist.

Sylejmani explains that the studying at AAB College has helped him to become an independent and professional journalist. He also added that the practices offered by this department have allowed him to be closer to the work of journalists who practice this profession for longer than he has. “In the Faculty of Journalism at AAB College, the professors pay much attention to the practical lessons. Many of the courses are of the kind that can prepare one well for the labor market.

The practical lessons have helped me a lot to be ready for the market, “Sylejmani said. Sylejmani also thanked the staff and the teachers of the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB College. According to him, their lengthy experience in journalism has helped students in preparing news, chronicles and reporting.

“What has left me most impressed during the studies at AAB College is the teaching staff. Many of them have a long experience in journalism and they did not hesitate to share it with us” Said Sylejmani.