AAB students certified on soft skills training

9 January 2020

Students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College were certified for their training on Soft Skills, as part of the Capacity Building and Youth Empowerment Program.

In this training, students were given the opportunity to become acquainted with the drafting of paperwork they will need throughout their careers, especially now that they will soon graduate. The activities were divided into three modules, in the first module the activities related to the creation of personal CVs, cover letters, interviews, e-mails; Module II related to Business Communication, and the third relates to sustainability and global trends.

Student Kaltrina Muqaj told talked about the knowledge gained in this training: “During this training we had a great time. Everything has been professionally organized and implemented, all the knowledge we gained, I believe, will serve us positively in orienting our career for the labor market.” 

Student Agnesa Tullari, of the Faculty of Economics also spoke about her experience during this training: “Many things were unknown to us. Thanks to this training and activities held we are now adept at writing a CV, cover letter or e-mail. The most important was the interactivity during this training where we were able to express ourselves while learning.”

The training was conducted in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship & Social Change Association (ESCA), at AAB College.