AAB students conducted an improvised Plenary at Kosovo Assembly

27 May 2016

Over 120 students of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College-level of BA and MA, conducted a Plenary improvised Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, within four courses: Ethics, Communication, Basics of protocol, political parties and electoral systems and administrative procedure, in order to implement the knowledge gained from courses across the curriculum by one academic year at the university.

The improvised session of Assembly of Kosovo had two points of the agenda, approved by the Assembly, in agreement with the representatives of parliamentary groups: The report of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo for 6 months of work of the Government, and the next point, interpellation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Students who were part of the parliamentary session improvised their assigned roles. Elsa Zyberaj, president of the Assembly of Kosovo, Rinor Shefkiu the vice president and Adelina Berisha vice president, while prime minister  Mergime Lanaj, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paris Guri, representative of the Parliamentary Group, Bedredin Aliji, representative of the parliamentary opposition group, Donjeta Sheqiri, opposition MP, and MP Arianisa Ramadani, and deputy  of majority Senad Ibiši.

 Each of them held a speech according to thedefined time limit andaccording to the first point of the agenda. While the second point of the agenda was presented in their roles, the parliamentary group of the opposition, the chief of parliamentary opposition group, Shkodran Rexhiqi, Blinera MP Veli Elshani MP and MP Kumrija Njomza- Uka.

While other students were part of the session on the roles of MPs. After the improvisation of this session, the students visited the two biggest parliamentary groups, both political parties in power. LDK parliamentary group of the students were greeted by the president Ismet Beqiri and some members of this party, as Anton Quni, Armend Zemaj etc ,. while the PDK parliamentary group was welcomed by the chairman of the group, Adem Grabovci.

Present during the hearing were improvising a part of the academic staff of the faculty; Dean of the Faculty, Petrit Bushi, Mentor Dean Lecaj, Donik Sallova, Flamur Gashi, MelihateTërmkolli, Albulena Brestovci, Arben Gashi and Arian Hasani. They estimated that such improvisation is a very successful achievement of students, as well as a very good experience for them.